"As I Sing My Song" 

I sing this song so softly as the words are spoken.
The words come out so clearly.
As I speak the words that I am saying.
So you can hear the words spoken so softly as they are spoken.
They are spoken so truly as I sing them.
Just singing that makes me so happy.
To know that they hear every word that I was singing from everywhere.
I sing this song to all of you that comes so freely.
I share the words that I'm singing.
Each word I sing is so beautiful as they are spoken.
I sing, as I want to make you all so happy.
It's my feelings that I want to sing this song.
The words are clearly spoken as I sing this song.
I could go on and on just sing.
As I sing this song that makes me happy.
And as the time is near and my song is almost gone.
The words are so truly as they are sung.
As the words come from my heart and I don't want to end my song.
The words are said so clearly as they are spoken so softly.
As time comes near to the end I want to sing more.
The words are spoken so softly and as I'm finished it is so quite.
As not a word is spoken intel I have finished my song to all of you.
Just to hear all the people clapping as I finish my song.
I want to sing my song again but I know that was the last one that I have
sang to all of you.
The words are said in a special way that I see the tears that are falling upon the faces.
As they are the words that are truly spoken.
And as the tears have stoped everyone is happy.
But time must go on intel I can sing to everyone once again as the day go on.
And we have shared some songs that make all of us happy.
Even if the last song that is sung they are still hearing that song that's
still in their minds that will never go away.
As the song that was sung was so good it was shared from the heart.
And once again I will sing that song as it was spoken in the words that were spoken so softly.

               Written By Sharon Ann Cressy
                              October 17, 1999

                "As The Tear Drops Fall"

One teardrop, then two, then three.
I touch your face I touch your neck and your lips.
I touched your lips that were soft.
Wishing that I could touch them in reality.
As I touch your face I could really feel your soul.
One tear fell upon my face till I felt them all fall.
Oh the pain of the passed came upon me so fast.
You caught them all in your soul to mend them all.
I love you from the very depth of my soul.
And my sprit was with you as the teardrops fall.
It's was in your heart that you kept them all.
If you left my heart would crumble and fall.
There wouldn't be life at all.
I see your face in the light with beauty.
Its only a picture of you that I feel and know that you are the most beautiful person of all.
I touch your lips that were not real.
I touch your face that I could not feel.
They were not there to feel.
But as I touched them they were real but not in the reality of knowing.
Or the reality of really touching a person.
Wanting to but knowing that you could not.
I touch your lips, as I couldn't feel the warmth.
I couldn't touch your beard and feel the softness that they feel.
Oh my love you are in my very soul.
I felt you there in my very soul.
One teardrop fell then two and the three.
You were there to take them all.
As you took them one bye one and put love in them all.
I look in to my passed to see it all.
Just to break down that wall.
So you could see it all.
You felt the pain and all that your heart could heal it all.
I'm so cold that I can't feel as there nothing is there any more.
All my hopes and dreams were taken away in to an unknown place and melted
You came in to my life and with love took them away to heal them all.
You mended my life as a whole.
No matter what the down fall.
I could feel your very soul that came upon me.
My heart was taken by your soul and combines it as one.
You healed the pain and brought back the love that was in side of me.
Now as the time passes in to the light.
I know soon that I will be on that journey of life.
And I don't know were the beginning or end will be.
You are always with me, as I go through that journey no matter were we go.
As you are my true love and we will face that journey together in time and space.
Our souls will be as one.
As our body and sprit are one.
As you are my love that will never leave through time and space.

          Written By Sharon Ann Cressy
                    December 3, 1999

                      "To Lie To Be Kind"

Do we have to lie to be kind?
To lie, just not to tell the truth to someone.
What is being done here?
Does are Creator lie to us?
I know that the Creator always tells us the truth no matter if it hurts as he is there for us.
Showing that he cares and love us no matter what we do in our life or others.
What gives us the right to lie?
Are we hurting someone in there life by not saying nothing?
It is wrong to lie to anyone as this is not what are Creator wanted from us. 
So we chose to lie or tell the truth. 
Do we have to save a lie as it is or not tell the truth by saving the lie and not tell the truth and save face? 
It is a choice we make not the creator, as the creator is true.
When a person lies to another they are hurting that person.
It always comes back to the person that kept it quite in side of them selfs.
And that hurts another and their very soul as the soul is part of our Creator.
We are a part of the essence of life and he gave us life.
We were not given the right to hurt anothers whether they know it or not.
Their very souls know the truth and it will be told in time or space.
Then there is hurt and pain with in them as the truth was never told, as the lie goes on.
We must be honest with others we change others by what we do and say.
What ever we do in life we have to face it to the very end of time and space.
To be honest we have to be honest with our selves then we can be honest with others.
To give love is to love yourself before you can give love to another.
To honor yourself then you can honor others.
To respect ourselves then we have respect to others.
To have knowledge and give that knowledge to others to teach.
To have the understand of yourself only then you will have understand for others.
We face what we have done wrong it comes back to us what we say and do in our life.
Some say this is not true but what is said and done comes back to us whether it's good or bad?
Well if others would think what they do in life as looking within them selves they would see the things they have done wrong.
To make it right with others that they meet in there life and what they have done wrong.
We ask forgiveness for what we do wrong in our life and forgiveness for what we have done wrong. 
Sometime we have to go down that lonely road.
It seems we have to go down that road to learn.
It is very hard some times in life.
Sometimes it is heart breaking and we hurt the ones we care about not meaning too.
It just happens that way!
Are hearts getting broken when there is misunderstandings in life.
We should be grateful for the food we have, as it is a gift from our Creator.
And we thank him for what food we have as our Creator created it.
With out him we have nothing!
So why are some that are being so hateful?
Why is there not the pure love as are creator gave us?
Have we lost what are Creator has given us?
We are so mix up in the world we never think of others and not even our sleeves.
We have no knowledge of understand in life.
It is how we are brought up in life whether it is good or bad.
It is done in life all the time and not knowing the truth of life as our Creator want it to be.
If we would only ask our Creator to guide us then thing would be right in our lives.
If we would go with our thoughts and ask what is right what is wrong.
There would not be problem today.
No Love to others is given.
Just hating others for what they have done.
But if there is understand and caring and that pure love that is give.
Things would not be as they are now.
We do not hurt others for are selfish reasons.
We were not put here to do these things in life.
Would anyone really understand them selves?
Or try to understand them selves so they could help other.
We are thankful what we have and thank our Creator.
And be blessed what we have in our lives.

       Written By,
                           Sharon Ann Cressy
                       Time: 2:46 A.M.
                            May 23, 2001


                     "A Picked Flower"

I see a beautiful flower that has been picked.
Looking at this beautiful flower and knowing it was not asked to be picked.
Know it would die in its early life.
Didn't become to its full bloom.
Knowing its beauty and what life it had.
Why was it pick to lose its life of beauty.
I see the light it shows me, as it is pure white.
It is love and peace to show us love for its beauty.
And the peace was give just to see the flower grow so we would feel the peace of it life.
It when you saw it for the first time and it gave you great peace to see it bloom.
In beauty as it grew to it short time it had for life.
It is so beautiful as it would have grown if it had not been picked.
I can smell the flower as it has a sweet smell.
A flower that is so sweet and beautiful as you see its life grow in beauty.
Just see the beauty it shows us and we smile.
As we know it will be alive if it had not been picked.
Can you see the beauty that it gives us?
I see the flowers that grow in spring and I see all the beauty of all the flowers that grow.
All colors of the rainbow just in all the flowers that grow.
I feel the flowers petals and feel the softness as they show.
So we all have to ask in honor if we can pick that flower.
And knowing that its beauty will fade away in a short time.
What beauty it would show if it had not been picked?

Written By,
          Tuesday, July 18, 2000


                       "As Love Is Free"

When you first came in to my life you just came right in.
You want my heart; you took it with love and kindness.
You came in to my world caring and sharing.
What a beautiful feeling it was.
So I welcome you in to my world.
With all my love that you will allow.
Are soul must of meet a long time ago.
As we are in the spirit and soul.
Some day we may meet and I will be proud.
To have someone like you help me out.
As your love and mind are one.
We are in sprit and there is a thing about it we are one.
As are souls are in love as once again.
What we need now is love sweet love.
But time bought us back from time.
Can't you see that we are once again as one?
Your soul is loving as the same as me.
As you come into my world you shall see.
My love is free to give to you and as it free.
We share what other can't see.
It's a special gift that we feel that is free.
As are love is free as it should be.
Down deep in are very souls that no one can see.
Are love is true as is should be.
There is a light in are hearts that can't be explained.
Are hearts will heal all the pain and bring love to you and me.
And in time we shall see what life will bring to you and me.
As love will always be there for you and me.

          Written By Sharon Ann Cressy
          <<<<<<White Feather>>>>>>
                     November 24, 1999

               " Death Before My Eyes"
                          True Story

I have never seen someone dying.
 Right in front of my very own eyes.
To see them dragged them self in to another room as lay dying.
I did know that you took those pills.
You told me that you were dying. and that you didn't know how long you had.
I stay in the chair watching you slowly dying.
As you sat right across from me I saw you fall to the floor.
Just upon my feet I knew I couldn't help, as you were slow dying.
As you had said your good byes.
You said that you were sorry.
Not knowing what the unknown would bring.
We said are good byes.
As you went down those stairs. 
As I watched you go so slowly.
You had to tell someone that you were sorry.
I was called down shortly and as went down them stairs I knew that was something was
very wrong.
As I went in to the room you
 told me that you had taken them.
You told us that you love us.
They took you away not knowing what would happen.
As I when up the stairs the tears were falling down upon my face.
I had to be alone as I was alone.
It was so quite as I went in the room.
I was angry with you when you told me that you were dying.
I didn't know if you were going to come thought it or not.
As I was up the night before waiting for you to come home.
As you lay on the floor I did know that you were dying.
I was hurt as I remember those angry words that you were saying.
We went to the hospital were you were staying.
Your face was so pale as you were lying there.
I knew you were so sick that you were hardly moving.
My heart was saddened to see that you were that way as I left the room.
I was alone and crying not knowing whether you would be there as it was not
We came back again and you had been moving.
As we when in to another room you were just laying there as you did before.
We went home again as I went up the stairs alone again.
Sitting down and crying as I didn't no as one was around to see how I was hurting.
My heart was saddened to know that you did this to me.
Thinking as the words that you kept saying before you had left that were
Remembering you lying on the floor watching you dying.
Wondering whether you would be around or you would be gone to heaven.
I never went to sleep for those days as I could not as I didn't know what wouldn't be as it was unknown.
Now that you are better I wonder what will be like?
Or will it be that same as it use to be fighting and yelling at me.
Yelling and hitting me and blaming me for thing I never done.
I was so sacred that you wouldn't make it.
But how will it be now as it was or do I see a change in you?
I wonder what life will bring to you and me.
It can't be that same as it was.
We have to change to become better as time is never a ending story.
I will pray that things will be better as the time passes on.
But that is unknown to me and you are dying and for me it is unknown that I wonder about.
But Things didn`t change and we parted and went are ways to another roads of life.

                     Written By Sharon Ann Cressy
                               October 21, 1999
                        "Come To My Heart"

Come to my heart and show me the ways to my heart.
Just to show that you're loved in a very special way.
So let me show you the way to my heart this very special way.
Come my love and show me the many ways.
To where it is safe as are love grows stronger each day.
Where the sun shows are love that will never fade away.
Come in my life to stay no matter what the day as they always fades away.
So come in to my life just to say how are you today.
To hold that love every day as it will never pass away as all the days have
faded away.
Come in to my very soul and share this very special day.
To joy are love that so very true and we will always love either as the days
pass away.
Come to mind and join in are minds as one as it has been there as the time
I have a land where we can share our love as one.
Can you see what our life would be?
To Share all that is given every day.
Come to me my love, as the day will pass away.
Just to see all the beauty of life and share are thoughts as one as they
never pass away.
They are always there in our minds, as the love will never passageway.
Come and I will teach you all that I know in many in loving ways.
Shares are happiness that goes a long way.
Can you see are faces as the love shines upon our faces that never fades
As true love will never fade away.
Come just for a shady day under a tree so the time will never passageway.
See the love in your eyes that shine upon your very lovely face.
See the beauty of many kinds of love that we all share every day.
Can we share that pure love that was mean to be so long ago?
To be combine as one never ending nor beginning always one.
Let me share the understand of life as it was passageway in to darkness just
fading away.
Come to me so we can share are knowledge and be one as the time never passes
As we become one as it was mean to be as are love is one.
So be with me, as the time will fade away.
We share the days as the days fade away over the sunset in a color gaze of beauty that are eyes never go far away.
Open your heart and see the light that's all around you.
See the light that is so beautiful that shines.
Can you see the rainbows that come and go?
The clouds that pass by upon your eyes.
See the rainfall upon my face to wash the tears upon my face away.
See the Love that shines on my face.
I look in the water just to see my face to see my eyes shine so bright.
The happiness that I want to share with all.
To give all the joy that in my heart to all.
Can you see the joy in my heart? 
Trouble comes in my life but I just wash it away to become a new beginning in

                      Written By,
                  Sharon Ann Cressy


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