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"Is This War Needed Or Peace And Love Within Us"

It starts off with people disagreeing on many things that may not be seen.
They don`t want to talk, it`s who is going to win.
There is no understanding in this world of today.
Is it killing that is the answer, only hate and greed?
Can`t anyone realize that talking in peace is love and understanding.
How can they kill each other off don't they have any pride?
Don`t they have any respect for them seleves.
We all should be kind and all things are given.
We all have a choice and whether it is good or bad.
Things can be worked out if there is peace in the hearts.
We all have the knowledge that is given and was given but we don't know how to use it.
Have we forgotten what is the truth?
The Creator gave this to us have we forgotten?
If we haven`t we have to change for the good.
What would it be like?
Is it better to have that inter love that was given to us long ago?
Love should be diffident to the true meaning as their are many kinds.
We all have it in are hearts and souls.
This isn`t all to life it`s everything as one.
It is are inter love in are souls your being.
We all have the bad and good in all of us, which way will it be?
Doing bad things and we know in our hearts that it is wrong, or we do it for the good of man.
We are all one that means everything is one on earth.
We do not own the Mother Earth we are caretaker of Mother Earth.
But we think we own the land and we do not own Mother Earth the Creator owns Mother Earth.


When we interrupt nature we are destroy part of the earth which is everything that grows.
What will happen when everything is gone?
Will there be nothingness a space that the earth was their and gone?
We are destroying our selves one by one not even knowing what we are doing.
Each anger word that is said is pain.
Can you feel the anger out in the world that is today?
The hate that you see in people eyes.
Some will see what is happening will you see?
The love of are Creator  gave each and every man,woman and childthis love and peace.
It was the inter love that's in are very soul that we all have this
The war is not good and the evil fighting of each other which one will win?
The battle is all ready started it will be the most that we will ever see.
It has taken time as you can see, and is getting bigger as time gets sooner as the time will end.
In tell there is nothing to the human race that is left.
Things can change if man wants it, but will he?
It`s either we have a earth to live on or nothing it up to us.


We are care taker of the earth to keep her clean to help
her when she is in need.
Now the earth is asking in her very soul please be at peace have the knowledge to care for me and your selves.
If I`m not alive were will you be now?
I know if we don`t get thing right we wont be here.
Where are we all going to be if it is not?
We all have to be one that's the way it has to be.
In the beginning it was love,kindness, understanding and all knowledge was given.
This was lost a long time ago.
Every living thing is mix up what ever it may be.
The earth is a gift to us to live and live upon the earth in peace.
And we are the care takers to her no matter what is said.
It is up to all of us in the world to make things right with the earth.
If we fail we are killing her, our most precious earth and our selves can`t we see that.
We all have to be one as it was a long time ago in the beginning as it was once again.
What will it be for the earth now?
Please open your very eyes as you look around and see what we have done.
Will we see what is being done or are we too blinded to see?
Can`t there be a oneness that is love between the earth and man?
If we had all that inter love things would be as they should be?
Or would there be a change?
If we are killing each other your killing me,the earth as you are a part of me.
All the world should be thankful of what we have.
Sit down and think of what does our earth want, not what we want.


Yes there are people on the street that have no place to go.
But there are a lot of others that have homes to live in.
If there was love and peace we wouldn`t have all the thing that are going on in the world now, would we?
Everyone would be happy and be one as it was meant to be.
Is this being done?
Or is it let go or should it be part of a whole as one?
Everything is apart and its not one.
We are brothers and sisters to share as one on everything as a oneness, can this be done?
A man and a woman are only part of one whole they are the one for life.
They are mates for life but it isn`t that way as they can`t fine there rightful mates as the world is so mess up how can we.
But we are one no matter what the case may be it is one to live in harmony as one.
We all have to get together as one and work thing right again.
What will we do if there is nothing just a empty space?
Will we be alive then ?or will we be saved as one, once again as it was in the beginning as one.
It is up to all of us will it be?????? Or will it be gone?
What will it be? I wonder, do you?

Written By Sharon Ann Cressy
October 15, 1999

It is very sad that other do not care who they kill  !
We did not ask for this to happen  !
Many were kill for no reason they didn`t have to die !
The fire will burn for them who lost there lifes.
So they can see there way out of the darkness in to the light !
It is to honor are loved ones who died for no reason !

             This is dedicated to them who lost there life !
                                  September 11, 2001

Tears Of pain
Tears of sadness
The Hurt that will never go away !
Always a reminder of the past !
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