Whitefeathers Poems 
                 " The Feelings Of Earth"
                         I`m The Earth

 I`m good and I rebuild my land and try to warn
 Man is deaf to my needs.
I call to him but he doesn`t listen for only a very few do.
My flowers and trees grow into beauty so beautiful are they.
I work night and day keeping what I think is good.
There are rivers, oceans and lakes where I have things that are growing.
 I work so hard for all things that have grown on my land.
So man and all living things will all be together as one.
I destroy that which is needed.
It is done by my own hands.
My Earth should be good.
As it was a long time ago as it was created by life`s essence.
Man has been destroying what is mine and what is good.
I`m hurting in side of my very own soul and I`m crying with tears down
 Seeing everything that I had planted.
Oh why can`t you see that you are destroying me.
 Look around and see that things are changing.
The things that I have planted are going elsewhere and growing.
My seasons are changing day by day for some will see it.
How can I explain its in the depth of my soul?
I am working so hard to keep things in control.
But everything is getting mixed up and out of place.
Please keep me I am only one.
As I`m Earth loving and kind, bringing you happiness in your very own soul.
As all  animals and all things that I have grown will be beautiful as time
goes on.
I help each and every living thing as one.
So why can`t we live in harmony as we have so long ago.

Written By:
                 Sharon Ann Cressy
                   September 6, 1999


             "The Gift We Forgotten In Time"

My very soul is so pure but I hurt my very soul by not listening.
I feel so sad as I know I have done wrong I hurt in side for the guilt I think I must pay.
I ask forgiveness in my heart and soul and it is granted as I`m part of the Great White Father.
He is so understanding as he knows all that is done in life.
We all know in are hearts that we are Loved by are Creator.
And even if it wrong we learn things that are right.
We learn over and over Intel it is right.
We do not believe what has been told to us.
We doubt what is in us and are afraid and we fear life it self.
The trust we have in ourself is gone.
How sad that this has to be.
How can we feel the love that we have forgotten from our Creator as a gift.
My Creator is love from my very own soul.
I feel so at peace that my love is sent to all as we are all brothers and sisters.
To help each other anytime but be weary of those who do not want to listen.
As it is not there time to learn and we must teach them when they are ready to learn.
As they are lost in time and wander through there life unknowing what life can really bring them.
My heart go out to them as I know what pain they are in.
I have been to many places in my life and it hurts.
But I wont stop learning, I have to go on.
Life is to short do we want to learn?
Or do we have hide from our very soul that knows everything?
My very soul knows me, as it the Creator that is apart of me.
I receive that pure love that is given to me.
Oh what love and peace that is forgotten from our
What beauty we could all give in harmony as one.
The gifts that where forgotten in time and the knowledge that was lost.
What have we all forgotten in our life time?
Can we see what we have forgotten in our minds of time?
Have we forgotten the gift of pure love that was given by our Creator?

Written By,
                    Sharon Ann Cressy
                                        Time: 4:30 P.M - 5:35 P.M.
                      Wednesday- August 23, 2000


Dedicated to the Lost of Life  !
September 11, 2001
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