"In My Mind"

Here is my story in my mind as its part of me.
I have a garden that's in my mind.
I go there where its deep inside of me.
Where the flowers grow so beautifully.
I see the trees that are there growing so free.
There is a river,  where the river talks to me.
I see far in my mind where I hear nothing that will bother me.
It a place that is so quite that I hear nothing only what is told to me.
I see the sky that is so blue thats so boundless as the eyes can see.
The valleys are so beautifully that you can see for miles as the eyes will see.
All trees will hide me to keep me safe from harm as the Creator is with me.
I have all the peace as it is within side of me.
My love is peace that's with in me giving it as the Creator wanted to be.
This is my garden it is so beautiful that's inside of me.
I can stay as long as I want, as I know that my Creator is with me.
There are rainbows all around me were all the flowers grow.
When I go there I feel so at peace and the love that I receive from my Creator is always free.
Oh how I wish others could see that garden that is within me.
Just to share what was given to me.
What a beautiful garden I go to where there is peace within me and love that's within me.
To see the flowers and trees and see the river flow upon the rocks that are so free.
To just watch the birds fly so free in the sky gliding in the wind so free.
Looking in the forest seeing all life that is to be, just being at peace that is apart of me.
Just to smell all the flowers of the sweetest in the air was to be.
It`s just apart of me as I`m just being me, to share what was given to me.
Just to be still within me, just seeing that beauty thats inside of me.
Knowing that I can share it as it was meet to be.
Just telling others what beauty I see that's within me.
To share the happiness thats inside me.
Oh yes my life has its up`s and down`s but I go to that garden thats with inside of me.
And I see that beauty that the Creator gave me, where I find that peace and love thats where I will find me.
Learning what the Creator gave me and its inside of me.
So when I go to this place I see the peace inside of me.
It`s just a part of me that was given so free.
When things are bothering me thats where you will find me.
Just sitting in my garden that's in my mind.
That's where my Creator and I stay just sharing with me.
My garden is special to me as it is within my very soul you see.
And that where my Creator is inside of me.
He guides me everyday in my life and I`m free.
To honor my Creator is honoring my self.
I love my Creator and in doing this was loving me.
To love me then others could love me.
The knowledge that is given to me is shared by my Creator and me.
To give it to others as it was a gift given to me.
To learn understanding was the experience of life that I learned within me.
Only then I could understand me, then I could understand others you see.
So My garden is where I learn and its inside of me.
All of the rainbow colors I see  mean something to me.
So many colors so many things to learn in my life you see and its only part of me.
Each color we wear is a color of  learning.
In healing and learning all colors are given you see.
Only I can see inside of me and learning what is told to me.
Just to listen to the words that are softly spoken.
And its inside of me just with my Creator and me.
And this is my garden that's within my mind you see.

Written By,
                Sharon Ann Cressy
                                             Time 2:13 A.M.
                                                           Friday:  April 20,2001

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