Whitefeathers Poems
Picture By Jack York
                     "The Magic Fan"

A magic fan that has all colors of the rainbow.
It is all of the colors of life.
It is not one color as some eyes would see it has many.
It has many powers from the Great White Father.
It is the jonrny of life.
To honor this fan, it has been given as a great gift.
It is to be respected and honored.
The color of this fan were many colors.
These colors were give to man as a oneness from the essence of life.
The colors are many gifts, and were given to man.
We go through these colors, as  we are apart of Mother Earth and it was given to her and given to man.
The fan was lost, for many years, it has been found once again.
So when one has this magic fan, it is and honor to carry.
As it has its many colors of the earth, and the colors are part of the rainbow.
We all wear these many colors every day of our life.
We see the color of the beauty of nature as she lives here on Mother Earth.
It is time to know that we have to have peace in are hearts.
The pure love that was given to have understanding.
And the knowledge to give, to share what we have learned.
To know the right from wrong.
Some how this magic fan was missed placed.
And man losted his way for not knowing peace and forgetting the pure love.
All is coming together once again in the unison of pure love.
We lost are way and we are becoming one with the creator as it was meet to be.
So all colors you may not see in the magic fan, and it may have two colors that you may see.
But two colors, make many colors that we may see.
If you open your heart and see that beauty as it was meant to be.
You will see life it self as it was meant to be it is the beauty within you.

Written By,
              Sharon Ann Cressy
                              Time: 4:01 P.M.
                                              March 9, 2001


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