Whitefeathers Writings!
The Song is called: The Rose
Hope you lke the song!
As I`m singing the song!
Some times people can`t really say how they feel about another.
So just maybe this will help people to think.
Because if you really love someone in your life or in love with someone!
Let them know before it`s to late as life is so short and that person that you may love may not be around.
As we are taken in a blink of and eye.
And you just never know when the Creator will take us home!
If there was someone in my life I would not be able to tell that person.
Why because that person would have to tell me!
"The Love Story That’s Kept a Secret"

The days pass by and I see you in my mind.
I can’t tell you how I feel, as I’m unsure of what I see in my mind.
The time passes in to days and months.
The year goes by not a word is said as I keep it a secret in my mind.
I wish I knew what to say but the words just are hidden away in my mind.
Why did I fall in love with you?
I cannot say and I do not know when I fell in love with you.
I see you holding me and you kiss me, am I dreaming or is it true what I see in you?
I’m unsure of what I see and if I say anything what will be said back to me?
I know that I’m in love with you but I’m not sure that you see.
The days pass and I see you in my mind.
But I thought you would see that and how my heart feels.
And how can I tell you that I truly love you!
The words I cannot say because these words have to come from you.
I laugh at the things you say that are funny and we laugh together.
I see you smile at me but I look in to your eyes and wonder what you may think.
Sometime I read your thoughts and we say or think the same thing.
We have a lot in common and we talk in till it’s late in the early morning.
Do you hear me when I talk to you in your mind?
Do you hear what I’m saying to you?
We understand each other but when we do not we ask what is meet.
Maybe you will never know what I feel and that is sad.
But I would not want to make a fool out of my self and lose our friendship and I know we are very close friends.
I know in my heart that there is no other person that would trust you the very best.
You told me to trust you, but do you trust me?
How can this whole thing be true that I see in you?
I know when you think of me, and its quite sweet of you.
How can I tell you that I just love you?

Written by,
Sharon Ann Cressy
May 28,2007
Time: 12:18 AM

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